With the steady over the time increase of robbery, theft and sabotages , alarm systems have become a standard equipment to every building. Our companyʼs security experts can provide complete alarm system solutions for your house or residence, from a small apartment to large estates and their exterior surroundings.

Our qualified engineers execute a security assessment of the area to be covered and suggest appropriate measures to improve security and reduce risk. Our company offers branded manufacturer’s security products such as alarm panels, infrared detectors, door contacts, vibration detectors, sirens, beam detectors, encoders, panic button, security lighting, emergency notification devices, etc.

Alarm systems may be connected to closed circuit television, fire alarm and security patrol systems for better protection. Finally, it is advisable to connect the alarm system to our central alarm receiving station, for better monitoring of the proper system operation and immediate reporting to the authorities in case of emergency, as necessary. uses cookies in order to ensure the bestuser experience.
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