ARION PLUS does operate in the security industry, providing complete solutions related to any probable security need, expanding from a household alarm installation up to the installation of advanced access control systems and baggage / persons scanning systems, to secure the uninterrupted flow of daily activities and in each installation.

History - Vision


Arion Plus does implement security assessments and plans. The company provides special security training seminars as well as installing access control /cctv and security systems.

We have successfully completed major security projects. Also, we do provide technical support for security systems in banks, embassies, factories, private offices, hospitals, foundations, harbors, military, industries, shops and homes.


Mission - Methodology

Our company’s executive staff consists of trained engineers with long and broad experience in the security industry.

Constant follow-up on technology advances, individual evaluations and periodical training, guarantee prominent level of professionalism, discretion and trust.



We are licensed, as a “Private Security Services Corporation-IEPYA” by the Ministry of Citizen Protection (D.3015/39/60/3240-b), a license which is required by law for all private companies to be able to operate as security system and service providers.



We are an environmentally friendly company. Therefore, we do fully comply with all national and international regulations for recycling and waste disposal.

In every implemented installation, we take into account the special conditions of the environment so ecosystem won’t be disturbed from any unfriendly and infectious operation.



Loyalty to the demands of those who trust us.

Understanding of the needs and implementation of solutions covering them to their full extend and with the minimum probable cos.

Commitment that we will offer our services, whenever they will be needed.


Company Culture

Arion Plus has a dedicated team of both experienced and younger executives and consultants, based on cooperation, collaboration, communication and mutual trust.



Continuous updating and training of our executives in safety and security matters, alteration in legislation, contemporary products and innovating technologies are preconditions to preserve high quality services.





The company and our staff have been granted a GR-EU-NATO Secret Security Clearance (certificate of confidentiality) according to the “National Industrial Security Regulation” (EKVA) allowing access to classified information (N.F.120/1/136775 S.486/14.2.2005, decision of the Ministry of Defense – Gov. 336B ‘/ 16.3.2005)


Our Partners

In order to provide direct technical support to remote installations, the company has an extensive network of permanent authorized partners in the following areas:

  • Drama,
  • Thessaloniki,
  • Larissa,
  • Ioannina,
  • Patra,
  • Mytilene,
  • Chios,
  • Cyclades,
  • Saronic Islands
  • Rhodes,
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