Protection of property and people can be improved by using closed circuit television systems alone or in combination with other security systems offered by our company. Always in accordance with the legal framework of the Hellenic Data Protection Authority, we can propose the most efficient installation of cameras, allowing remote monitoring and recording of images 24/7.

Early warning incident notification before or while it occurs can definitely improve security. Recorded images can also be a great evidence to prove innocence or guilt. The effectiveness of a CCTV system is determined by the picture’s resolution, broadcasting and recording speed as well as the ability of automatic video analysis and early warning of the incident in real time.

Our company can propose solutions for image recording and broadcasting indoors and outdoors, in harsh environmental conditions, such as remote construction sites, industrial, military areas, explosion proof zones, underwater cameras, in car, ship, etc. Excellent image quality can be achieved by using specialized lenses, infrared illumination, thermal cameras, mobile, fixed, day - night, etc. Video and audio signals may be broadcasted wired, through different type of cables and optical fiber, or by using wireless transmitters, fixed, mobile or satellite networks to remote monitor stations, surveillance centers, television sets, the Internet and / or mobile phones. For extra security, CCTV may be connected to alarm, access control and time attendance systems. uses cookies in order to ensure the bestuser experience.
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