Access control is one of the most important methods of protecting residential sites, office buildings, special rooms or other protected areas. With the installation of an access control system, it is possible to control and record incoming - outgoing users with the use of passwords, cards, fingerprints and / or number plate recognition systems for cars and motorbikes. A well-designed access control system covers the required security needs without imposing bottlenecks in the operation of the secured area.

Our company offers a variety of access control solutions for pedestrians and cars with pin codes, RF and magnetic card readers, electric locks, turnstiles, automatic barriers, biometric readers, number plate recognition systems, etc. Access control can be interconnected with Time Attendance systems. We also offer a wide variety of card accessories and personalization services, card holders and lanyards for smoother operation of the systems by the end users. For extra security, access control can be interconnected with closed circuit television (CCTV), alarm and time management systems.

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