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Our company has so far constructed and operates 4 photovoltaic power plants in the prefectures of Attica and Boeotia. For the safety of these stations we have worked with ARION PLUS, which has successfully designed and installed a complicated but also reliable security system for the remote monitoring of the units. This system consists of (a) perimeter electronic fence using microwave barriers several meters height and width, magnetic contacts, vibration detectors and infrared motion detectors to detect any intruder, (b) a GSM alarmtransmitter for immediate notification of the guarding company as well as SMS support for mobile phones and (c) CCTV for real-time video transmission whenever required or desired via satellite link with simultaneous video capture and storage system for the last 30 days.

The installation of the security system by ARION PLUS on equipment level (CIAS ERMO perimeter bands, GE alarm system GE, closed circuit television CCTV with cameras and SAMSUNG digital recorder) is highly reliable, and operates successfully. Technical issues appeared at the installation phase or during the system setup and testing period, were solved by ARION PLUS staff immediatelly and the solutions proposed were effective. After nearly 1 year of operation in one of our photovoltaic parks, security systems are still operating, as reliably as when initially installed, despite adverse weather conditions (high temperatures in the summer months and strong winds, humidity and very cold temperatures in the winter months ) as they are located in remote mountainous areas.
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Chemical Engineer NTUA
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